Car Finance when On Benefits

Whether it’s getting to appointments, seeing friends and family, doing your weekly shop or looking for work, public transport can’t always get you where you need to be and when. Not only that, the costs of getting around by bus, taxi or train can start to mount up.

If you’re on benefits, it’s easy to see buying a car as something that’s out of reach. In reality, there are some lenders who can offer car finance for people on benefits. We’ve helped lots of drivers find car finance that gets them on the road. If that’s what you need, start the process with CarLoans4u today. We approach a large panel of lenders once you apply through us, so there’s still that chance of finding an arrangement that will work for you.


How can I get car finance on benefits?

Buying a car outright is not an option for everyone, whether they are on benefits or not, and spreading the cost across monthly payments can make the purchase a much more manageable prospect.

Get in touch with our team. Once you’ve applied, we will search our panel of lenders who offer car finance for people on benefits such as Income Support, Incapacity Benefit or Jobseeker’s Allowance. We work with lenders who offer poor credit car finance but a decision will be based on your personal circumstances and credit history. They may need to see some documentation about your income from benefits first, or may request you name a guarantor on your policy. If you have any questions, get in touch with us.


Car finance on disability benefits

If you currently receive disability benefits and are looking for car finance, we may be able to help.

We search our panel of lenders to find the best available deal to suit your personal circumstances. Lenders may ask to see evidence of your income from disability benefits before they can proceed, but we’re here to guide you through it all.


Car finance for people on benefits with bad credit

While some people think car finance for people on benefits with bad credit doesn’t exist, there are some lenders who are prepared to tailor deals that cater to benefits and a lower credit background.

If you are on benefits and have bad credit, then finding a lender yourself isn’t always easy. Our team have the ability and experience to search through our panel of lenders and find the best available deal for your personal circumstances. We just need you to tell us a bit more about your situation first, so we can speak to our lenders about options available to you. They may come back to us and suggest you find a guarantor for your finance . Most guarantors are family members, like parents, who you know well and will vouch for your ability to pay. If this is required, we’ll discuss this with you, and there are still plenty of other arrangements out there for people looking for car finance with no guarantor.

We pride ourselves on finding finance for as many drivers as we can, and once there are a few options available, we’ll get in touch to talk you through which one suits your circumstances.